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Hi! Since Aunt Jena, Uncle Jim, Larry & Steve

Sunday, August 25, 1968

Journal: Hi! Since Aunt Jena, Uncle Jim, Larry and Steve Ciccato (my aunt, uncle, and cousins) were here from San Francisco visiting at Yreka, we went to see them, as I hadn’t been able to see them, as I got home too late. Steve and Larry are really cute! Larry is so tall, you almost wouldn’t believe that Steve is the older of the two. Steve is about 16, and Larry is 15. This evening was a real good one for Friends Youth. Denise Dawson gave the lesson, and it was the best we’ve had for a long time. I was talking to Pat Perisho (one of our youth sponsors) and we might be able to unite our youth group spiritually yet. I must remember to keep on praying as it will take a lot of effort, patience, and time. Our youth group might yet become vital in Christ if we all work together. We (Ike, Mom, and I) bought a songbook tonight published by Barclay Press of songs written by Quakers. There are a couple of real neat ones by Herschel Thornburg – traveling gospel musician and artist. He’s really cool! Well, Aunt Lorraine hasn’t come for me yet, so I’ll probably be home most of tomorrow. I still have to pack and everything though. I doubt if I will take this journal along. So long for now!


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  1. Debbie Ellis

    It’s so wonderful that you have these journals from your Mom. She is my cousin. So wonderful that she mentioned Steve and Larry and Aunt Jena and Uncle Jim coming to visit. I remember those visits and I Remember the visits your Mom and Aunt Emma would come visit us. My parents were Mario and Sharon Bortolazzo. I really love seeing Laverns writings thank you

    1. lavernellisroy_4sukvm

      My mom has you and Bobby in her family tree that she put together at the end of her 1968-1970 journal!

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