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Guess what! Ike got his deer!

Wednesday, October 9, 1968

Journal: Guess what! Ike got his deer! It’s a rather small one, but it’s better than nothing at all. I went to prayer meeting tonight – you know, you really can’t go by feelings when it comes to faith! Teresa Emry, who is only four, can print her own name now. Roger’s birthday is tomorrow. So long for now!


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Today was the Talent Friends Church 25th anniversary.

Sunday, October 6, 1968

Journal: Today was the Talent Friends Church 25th anniversary. There were some real challenging thoughts given in the morning service by Supt. Jack Wilcuts and also in the evening service by Rev. Clark Smith. I keep praying that Jesus will work in our youth group, but at times it really does seem rather futile. I guess Satan gave me that idea. Brother! Well, yesterday was the 1st day of hunting season, and the 1st time I ever went hunting. All I saw though was 9 (does and fawns drat it!) deer. The only buck I saw was a dead one being taken out!

Friday night we played Illinois Valley, but I had to go to bed early and didn’t get to go to the game. This coming Friday night, we play Lakeview, (Homecoming) our toughest game as it will probably decide who gets the Rogue League title. I sure do hope we win! Above is an article on our game with Illinois Valley (around Butte Falls area). We really stomped them – 40 to 7! WOW! So long for now,


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Phoenix Pirates Overpower Illinois Valley Gridders

Friday, October 4, 1968

Phoenix Pirates Overpower Illinois Valley Gridders

PHOENIX – Hard work does pay off. The Phoenix High Pirates proved that when they roared over the Illinois Valley Cougars 40–7 here Friday in a Rogue League football game.

Earlier in the week Phoenix Coach Jack Woodward reported that he was working on giving more variety to the offense. The results showed Friday as the Pirates did almost everything while gaining their big margin.

They were in front 13–0 at halftime. Then went to town in the third period, scoring three touchdowns to lead 33–0. Both clubs tallied in the first quarter.

Running chores were more divided this week with fullback Terry Phillips gaining 112 yards on 15 carries. Bruce Workman raced for 75 yards on 13 carries.

Scoring honors were also shared with Chuck Crane running for two and passing for one touchdown and Workman, Phillips and Mike McGinley each running for one TD.

The Cougars were held scoreless until the final minutes. Then Dennis Lawrence passed to Tad Dierkes for a goal.

The Pirates scored the first two times they got the ball. Phoenix took a punt on its own 35. In 11 plays the Pirates moved to touchdown land with Workman taking it to the last yard midway through the period. Phillips kicked the extra point.

The Cougars were forced to punt again in the first period and the Pirates took over on the 34. Illinois Valley’s defense got tough and the Pirates couldn’t move the ball.

The Pirates were forced to punt. Phillips kicked and was knocked to the ground. Roughing the kicker penalty gave the Pirates the ball on the Cougar 46-yard line.

Crane swept around the left end for the touchdown with five seconds left in the period.

Held Scoreless

A fumble and penalties hurt the Pirates in the second period. But they came to life in the third. They took the opening kickoff, marching 60 yards to a touchdown. Crane took it the last two yards and Phillips booted the extra point.

Mintues later the Pirates scored again. The Phoenix line held the Cougars, forcing them to punt. Phillips gathered in the ball on his own 15. He headed for the sideline and took off. On about the Cougar 40 he was cut across the field and had clear sailing. His kick for extra point was true.

A pass interception by Pat Wolfe started the Pirates on their next TD drive. Wolfe snared the ball on his own 35. Nine plays later Crane tossed to Phillips. The play was good for 41 yards and a touchdown.

Pass Intercepted

The Pirates final TD came after a pass interception put them on their own 25. They moved the 75 yards in nine plays with McGinley scoring from five yards out. McGinley had one gain of 39 yards.

Two 15-yard calls on Phoenix put the Cougars on the Pirates’ 20 yard line. Then with 1:07 left in the game the Cougars hit paydirt.

The victory left the Pirates with a 3–0 mark in league play. They and Lakeview are tied for the lead. Illinois Valley now has a 1–2 mark.

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Hi! School life goes on as ever

Thursday, October 3, 1968

Journal: Hi! School life goes on as ever – not dull but not real exciting either. I’m coming along all right in typing – I like to type as it is kind of fun! I get to go hunting for the first time in my life this Saturday with Ike – I think that will be so groovey! World History was rather embarrassing today, but it sure was funny! (unfortunately!) We play Illinois Valley here tomorrow night; I’d like to go, but I get to go hunting the next day, so I will need all the sleep I can get. Must go set my hair now – nighty night!


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I was elected president of Friends Youth

Monday, September 30, 1968

Journal: I was elected president of Friends Youth, and tonight we had our first executive meeting. Cathy Kruger (program chair), Arlene Perisho (Vice-President), Steve Stribling and Roger Emry, too (Social Chairman). We did get our programs planned for until December and a few other side things came up. I hope that this year our Friends Youth will really go places with God’s help! Tomorrow in World History, I give my first class presentation and am rather looking forward to it! (That kind of surprises me!) Well, today was fun but not necessarily exciting. Must go, as it is past my bedtime! Goodnight,


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Yesterday, Ike and I went out to shoot the rifle

Sunday, September 29, 1968

Journal: Yesterday, Ike and I went out to shoot the rifle – this is only Sunday morning, but I clipped something out of this morning’s paper I thought you might be interested in. Friday night, we played Eagle Point Eagles at Eagle Point and won, 14 to 12. I wasn’t at the game, but it really sounded exciting, according to article! Article at top of page. Sophomore John Sweeny got mentioned – the beautiful red-head! So long for now–


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We play Lakeview for Homecoming – Oct. 11

Friday, September 27, 1968

 Phoenix Pirates Top Eagles In Rogue League Grid Tilt

EAGLE POINTTerry Phillips wasn’t the big scorer here Friday night. But his two points were the difference that gave the Phoenix High Pirates a 14–12 victory over the Eagle Point Eagles in a Rogue League football tilt.

The Eagles jumped off to a 12–0 lead. Then the Pirates fought back and Phillips’ extra points gave the Pirates the margin.

The clubs were fairly even and both tried to give the ball game away through fumbles and pass interceptions. Phoenix lost four fumbles, one leading to an EP touchdown and the Eagles were intercepted twice with one interception going for a Pirate TD.

Bruce Workman was the big carrier for the Pirates again with Phillips clearing a path. Workman carried the ball 27 times for 116 yards.

Second Rogue Win

It was the Pirates second loop victory in as many outings. They and the Lakeview Honkers are tied for first in the league standings. It was the Eagles second defeat.

Eagle Point did all of its scoring in the second period. With seconds left in the first half the Pirates cut the gap to 12–7. Then Phoenix went in front early in the third quarter.

Both clubs had a shot at controlling the ball in the first quarter. Later in the period the Eagles’ Steve Digby recovered a fumble on his own 42-yard line.

From there the Eagles marched to the end zone with Dan Reed passing to Jim Chubb for the touchdown with 11:52 minutes showing. The play covered 13 yards. A 20-yard pass play and a personal foul aided the drive.

The extra point kick was blocked by John Sweeney, Jay Baker and Mike McGinley.

Punt Fumbled

A fumbled punt return led to the Eagles’s next touchdown. Mid-way through the period the Eagles punted to Chuck Crane. Crane handed off to Phillips who headed for the side.

Phillips was brought down by a grasping tackle and the ball bounced out of his hands. Eagle Point’s Gary Thomas was there to pick up the ball. He didn’t stop until he had covered the 20 yards to the end zone.

The Pirates didn’t give up after that bad break. They took the kickoff and began to drive toward the Eagles’ end zone. They drove to the nine in 12 plays.

Then Crane went back to pass. He found Terry Stringer in the middle of Eagles and let loose. Stringer held onto the ball for the TD with 37 seconds left in the period. Phillips followed up with his first extra boot.

Phoenix took the second half opening kickoff on the Eagles’ 40-yard line following two penalties on Eagle Point. The Pirates drove down to the Eagles’ five.

Eagles Hold Firm

But Eagle Point held firm and took over the ball on downs. The Eagles attempted one running play. Then Dan Reed went back to pass. He pitched the ball out toward the side. But Bob Pete was in the way for the Pirates.

The tall Phoenix grapped onto the ball and dashed into the zone to give the Pirates a 13–12 margin. Phillips got his second point of the evening with another kick.

Phoenix mounted another attack seconds later after Allan Chisum recovered a fumble on the Eagles’ 25. The Pirates moved down to the Eagles’ four before Workman lost the ball on a fumble. Thomas came up with the loose ball for the Eagles.

Eagle Point started moving in the final period, racking up good yardage. A fumble on the Pirates’ 25 stopped the drive. The Eagles held the Pirates again and started moving the ball but Pete came up with his second interception of the evening.

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We had a Campus Life meeting at school this year

Wednesday, September 25, 1968

Journal: We had a Campus Life meeting at school this year. If we can only get this club going, it will bring Christ to the kids of Phoenix High. Nothing exciting in the way of boys has happened for some time – but I am happy in my school life. Tonight after prayer meeting, I got to talk to Judy Ogden, a new girl coming to our church. She is going to beauty college in Medford and is living with the Mossers here in Talent. Judy is very nice, seems to love life, and has a great vitality but is still more mature than other girls her age with some bounce. I hope I have not made a bad impression – but there I go again, thinking about myself, not how I appear to Christ or let Him work through me. I’ve got to stop thinking so much of how neat I am or something. After school tonight, Cathy Kruger and Denise Dawson came over to practice instrumentals for Sunday Night Singspiration. Cathy, Denise, and I will play a piano and clarinet trio! (Two clarinets, one piano) Cathy and I will also be playing a saxophone and piano duet. Well, it’s getting late, and I must go to bed. So long for now,


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This morning, our bus was really crowded!

Monday, September 23, 1968

Journal: This morning, our bus was really crowded! There was three to a seat practically in every seat. Dan Emry is still sick – with flu or something. Saw John Sweeny today – big deal! Today wasn’t very exciting as days go – but fun enough. So long for now,


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So much has happened today!

Saturday, September 21, 1968

Journal: So much has happened today! We had our annual Friends Youth Banquet – it was really great! Pat Shearin sang, “I Believe.” Patsy is a really great singer. Reverend Oscar Brown of the Medford Friends Church was our speaker – and a really great one, too! The decorations really looked pretty nice, too.

Last night the Phoenix varsity football team beat St. Mary’s, 20 to 7! Now we have lost one game to Brookings and have won one! Chuck Crane (32, a junior) really came on strong for the Phoenix Pirates in the first half. It was a really great game – especially since we won! Mike Enright told me he would sign my annual for me, so I guess I’ll take my annual to school Monday! So long for now,


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Bruce Workman was the work horse for the Phoenix High Pirates here Friday night as the Buccaneers opened the Rogue League football season with a 20-7 victory over the St. Mary's Crusaders.

Friday, September 20, 1968

Phoenix Opens League Play By Downing St. Mary’s 20–7

Intercepts Pass
Phoenix’s Terry Phillips (37) gets in position to intercept a pass on his own goal line. Phillips snared three of the Crusaders passes as the Pirates stopped St. Mary’s High 20-7 Friday in the Rogue League football opener at Phoenix. Tossing the ball is the St. Mary’s quarterback Dan Coats (20) and Larry Beskow (80) was the intended receiver. Coats got the ball away just as he was hit by a Phoenix defender.

PHOENIX – Bruce Workman was the work horse for the Phoenix High Pirates here Friday night as the Buccaneers opened the Rogue League football season with a 20-7 victory over the St. Mary’s Crusaders.

Workman who had been converted from quarterback to wingback this week to give the Pirates more running power showed the coaches that they had made a wise decision. He rushed for 126 yards on 27 carries and scored all three Phoenix touchdowns.

Chuck Crane took over at quarterback spot and moved the club down the field consistently.

All three of the Pirates’ touchdowns came in the first half. The Crusaders didn’t score until late in the third period.

The Pirates’ ground defense was tough, forcing the Crusaders to go to the air. St. Mary’s moved well in the air with Dan Coats passing for 183 yards. But the Pirates picked off four of his passes.

PRETTY EVEN: Statisticwise the two clubs were pretty even with both clubs gaining 16 first downs. Phoenix had a total of 285 scrimmage yards compared to 245 for St. Mary’s.

The Pirates got most of their yardage on the ground rushing for 239 yards and passing for 46. The Crusaders were held to 62 rushing yards.

Making SM mistakes pay off was the important factor for the Pirates. Phoenix gridders controlled the first half action and in the first period St. Mary’s had only 11 plays from scrimmage.

The Crusaders twice lost the ball to Phoenix in the first quarter on fumbles. And in both instances the Pirates took the ball and marched for touchdowns.

The Pirates final touchdown came after Phoenix held St. Mary’s. The Crusaders punted and the Pirates began their third march.

UPPER HAND: St. Mary’s held the upper hand in the second half as the Pirates lost the ball four times on fumbles. But the Crusaders were only able to score once on the miscues.

St. Mary’s took the opening kickoff and began to march. Then after gaining 30 yards and two first downs the ball got knocked loose and Phoenix’s Crane came up with it on the Pirates’ 37-yard line.

The Pirates couldn’t be stopped as they drove for the goal line. They drove 63 yards in 14 plays with Workman taking it across the line from the two-yard marker with 3:53 minutes left in the quarter.

The Pirates kicked off again and on the next play from scrimmage Allan Chisum came up with a Crusader fumble on the St. Mary’s 41.

Minutes into the second period Workman rushed from the two-yard line for the Pirates second touchdown.

TAKE PUNT: The Pirates next took a punt on their own 36-yard line and rushed for a TD with Workman going the last yard with 1:28 showing on the clock.

St. Mary’s began to toss in desperation and with 11 seconds left in the first half were on the Pirates 14 yard line. Coats went back to pass. He was rushed and he let the ball go with Terry Phillips intercepting the ball near the goal line.

Bugaboos began to hit the Pirates in the second half. After they took the kickoff they moved out to the St. Mary’s 30-yard line only to have Mike Gorman come up with a fumble recovery for the Crusaders.

A 15-yard roughing the passer penalty brought the ball out to the 46. By hard work, some rushing and passing the Crusaders moved down to the Pirates’ eight.

Again there was a loose ball on the field and Phoenix’s John Graham recovered it. The Pirates didn’t hold onto the ball for long however as two plays later Martin Vakoc landed on a fumble for the Crusaders.

COATS PASSES: After two running plays pushed the ball to the seven, Coats tossed out to Carl Hillestad in the end zone for St. Mary’s touchdown.

The Pirates got the ball and started to drive toward the Crusaders’ goal line. Gary Pendergast snared a Pirate pass on the Crusaders’ 22-yard line to stop the march.

But St. Mary’s were unable to move as Coats was brought down twice for loss of yardage. Hillestad attempted to punt but the snap from center was bad and he attempted to run the ball out. He was tackled on St. Mary’s eight-yard line.

But on the Pirates’ next play there was another fumble and St. Mary’s Jeff Boiler was on the bottom of the stack.

St. Mary’s mounted an attack and rolled down to the Pirates’ 13 yard line. But once again Coats had a pass picked off with Phillips falling into the end zone.

The ball was brought out to the Pirates’ 20-yard marker. The Crusaders got it right back as Mahar fell on a fumble on the 25.

St. Mary’s gained four yards on a Coats-Hillestad pass. Then Phillips got his third interception of the evening on the Pirates’ nine.

Phillips kicked two extra points for Phoenix and Mahar booted one for St. Mary’s.

Phoenix Coach Jack Woodward was pleased with the line play on offense and mentioned the good work of Crane at quarterback. It was Crane’s first game at signal calling spot.

Assistant Coach Ron Baker named Terry Stringer, Joe Pescatore, Dave Ohman, Phillips, Mike Enright, Dennis Campbell, Bob Pete, Ray Ferns, Workman and Crane as tops on offense.

Baker reported that Graham, Jay Baker, Greg Hayes, Ferns and Chism were strong on defense.

St. Mary’s Coach Larry Walker remarked that the Crusaders passed more in this one game than they did all last year.

He felt that the Crusaders played a good game, but added that the loose ball on the first drive set them too far back. Walker reported that guard Jim Loffer injured his knee on the first defensive play and missed the entire game. Loffer is the Crusaders’ leading tackler.

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Today was a pretty nice day all in all

Thursday, September 19, 1968

Journal: Today was a pretty nice day all in all! Allen Shearin got my annual back (we thought it had been lost). Bruce Kyle signed it, and now Steve Stribling is drawing a little man for me in it. Becky Addington was real nice to me today, but I am still wary of what could happen (again!). I found out today that Art Ashby is a Christian – he is in my World History class. He is a lot like Steve Stribling, but I think Art is a real neat kid! Well, must go now – so much is coming up. I will try to keep you informed somewhat!


P.S. Mom and I went school shopping last night, and I got the most beautiful wool skirt (plaid), white turtleneck sweater, and orange-red turtleneck, plus school shoes and a neat purse. So long for now!

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I only have time for a line or two.

Sunday, September 15, 1968

Journal: I only have time for a line or two. This last week has been really hectic what with school starting, having assignments all ready, and babysitting Friday night (also Saturday afternoon). The first week of school has really been fun, though! We got our last year’s annual Saturday night, so I guess I’ll have to take mine to school to have some kids sign it. Well, tomorrow is Monday, so I must go to bed now, but before I do, here are some highlights of last week: Allen Shearin in three classes, frosh initiation, compliment on looks from Bruce Kyle, babysitting Friday night until 4 a.m. Saturday morning, dinner at Frank and Merrylee Kruger’s Saturday night in honor of Sherrie’s 11th birthday, getting annual Saturday night, frosh-senior tug-of-war (seniors won – YEA!), Sunday church and evening services really neat, seeing Linda and Dave who came from Long Beach, California area (relatives in a way).

So long for now!


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Today was the first day of school

Monday, September 9, 1968

Journal: Today was the first day of school – really neat! I wore my 4-H green jumper and blouse with my baby doll shoes. Say, Allen Shearin is in two of my classes, and he is a senior! Real neat. There will be a revival this year as God is working in our student executive council. It will be such a great year! Tonight we had a small meeting for the banquet – I can feel Satan trying to destroy it, but God is bigger, so our banquet, through Christ, should be really great! Dan Emry is changing – starting to be led by the Holy Spirit. I must still pray for him and Judy that they might be better off because of it. Dan is my friend – I know that for sure now, but I don’t want Judy mad at me, so will have to be very careful. God is leading in such a wonderful way in so many things. I must be faithful to do my part (no matter how small!) Sometimes I get such a swelled head. I get sick of me along with others! God can help me! I know He is so very REAL! So long for now!


P.S. Got a real neat letter from Ursula Stienke today – real cute! So long!

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Well, there are only 3 days 'til school starts

Thursday, September 5, 1968

Journal: Well, there are only three days ’til school starts – funny, it seems longer than that. Man, I had better get busy on that blue dress if I want a new one for the first day of school! I babysat for the Tingles again – the kids were pretty good today. Richard sure was trying hard to get in trouble though! Missy and Pam were okay. I babysat for the Tingles on Saturday, too, my last day when I get paid. It sure will be nice to have a little extra money to go school shopping with! Well, long for now.


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So much has happened today!

Tuesday, September 3, 1968

Journal: So much has happened today! The beige dress that Mom gave me (I simply cannot wear beige!) I dyed a dark pink. It is kind of splotchy yet though, so I will have to dye it again. Mrs. Tingle (a new woman at our church) called up today and wanted me to babysit for her for four days, three hours a day. There is Pam (10), Richard (8), and Missy who is only 4. They are pretty good all in all. Tonight we had our very first youth Bible study with Pat Perisho as leader. There were only three here tonight – Cathy Kruger, Priscilla Perisho, and me. It was very interesting and helpful. I hope we can get more kids to come but also that we will just keep on one subject of study so as not to get distracted, or the Bible study will be useless. It must be all for God. Well, so long for now!


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Well! You'll never guess!

Sunday, September 1, 1968

Journal: Well! You’ll never guess! I talked to Pat Perisho after church today, and  she really got us going for our youth Bible study group. The first meeting will be this coming Tuesday at my house from 7 to 8 p.m. This is so exciting – we just might be on the start of something big with God’s help! This morning before Sunday school, I cleaned up my room so that it at least looks presentable! (Would you believe?) Becky Addington stopped by for a short time this afternoon. We had a pretty nice visit. Well, I will be babysitting for Frank and Merrylee Kruger most of tomorrow. With the money I get from that and also from Lily, I can get something for school. Well, so long for now!


Saturday, August 31, 1968

Journal: On this last day of August, things were really “hopping.” I worked for Mrs. Lily Welburn for an hour this morning. Ike painted the shelves he made for Mom when the water heater used to be in the kitchen. This afternoon we went to Grants Pass for dinner at Bud and LaVaugn’s. The whole (from Oregon anyway) family was there, and it was pretty nice. I got to drive as far as Medford. (Ah well, better luck next time!) Tonight when we got home, there was a real neat movie starring Bob Hope. It was called Cassanova’s Big Night, really rather cute. Well, so long – hey, by the way, there is only one more week till school starts!


Thursday, August 29, 1968

Journal: I registered in high school today. Man! I really have some swinging classes. Mr. Kannasto (oh no) will be teaching chorus, which I have 1st period. What a way to start a day! I have Mr. Davis 3rd period for Biology. He was okay as a 7th grade science teacher (although a little tough) I guess. I get late lunch again this year, which I really like. Mom and I also stopped at the Phoenix Drug Store to buy Aunt LaVaugn a birthday present. We got her some Friendship Garden cologne, which is really groovey. We are going to Grants Pass for a birthday dinner for Aunt LaVaugn and Frank (Krugers). It ought to be fun. Well, today I worked on my blue dress for a little while. Guess that’s all for now –


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Today I did very little except read.

Tuesday, August 27, 1968

Journal: Today I did very little except read. The day was really wasted. I hope maybe tomorrow to do my ironing and the like. Aunt Lorraine hasn’t come for me yet, so I feel that it is relatively safe to say that she won’t come for me. Even if she does, it is almost time for school to start, and we have a few things to do. There is a dress I would like to make for school – a blue with a high yoke and puffy short sleeves. I guess I had better start it tomorrow, so I can get it done before the first day of school. So long for now!


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Hi! Aunt Lorraine hasn't come yet

Monday, August 26, 1968

Journal: Hi! Aunt Lorraine hasn’t come yet, but she will probably be here tomorrow! God is really moving, and if our Friends Youth starts working together, we will really get somewhere. Becky Addington came over today, and we were able to resolve our differences that we might work together in making something of our youth group with God’s help. Art Perisho (one of our sponsors) came over this evening, and we also talked a little about this. It is almost time to act – the part I usually fail, but with God’s help, keeping in the center of His will and with constant prayer, maybe I can help in the action, too. It will only be as God works through me though. This last week of letting God work in my life has led me to see the moving of God in a small way. You know, I sure am glad I went to the Nazarene church camp because otherwise I might not have been able to get so close to Jesus, but that battle is just beginning – I must keep on praying! Well, so long for now!


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Hi! Since Aunt Jena, Uncle Jim, Larry & Steve

Sunday, August 25, 1968

Journal: Hi! Since Aunt Jena, Uncle Jim, Larry and Steve Ciccato (my aunt, uncle, and cousins) were here from San Francisco visiting at Yreka, we went to see them, as I hadn’t been able to see them, as I got home too late. Steve and Larry are really cute! Larry is so tall, you almost wouldn’t believe that Steve is the older of the two. Steve is about 16, and Larry is 15. This evening was a real good one for Friends Youth. Denise Dawson gave the lesson, and it was the best we’ve had for a long time. I was talking to Pat Perisho (one of our youth sponsors) and we might be able to unite our youth group spiritually yet. I must remember to keep on praying as it will take a lot of effort, patience, and time. Our youth group might yet become vital in Christ if we all work together. We (Ike, Mom, and I) bought a songbook tonight published by Barclay Press of songs written by Quakers. There are a couple of real neat ones by Herschel Thornburg – traveling gospel musician and artist. He’s really cool! Well, Aunt Lorraine hasn’t come for me yet, so I’ll probably be home most of tomorrow. I still have to pack and everything though. I doubt if I will take this journal along. So long for now!


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Hi! Long time no see! Went to the Nazarene church camp

Saturday, August 24, 1968

Journal: Hi! Long time no see! Went to the Nazarene church camp with Pat Shearin and really had a ball. There were lots of Christian kids there with which I enjoyed fellowship (and friendship). Everyone had such a unity of spiritual things. Something we don’t have in our church youth, but I hope we will be able to acquire it. Truly – with God, ALL things are possible. That is why I have to remember to live my life in constant prayer. Met some real neat kids there — Wayne Walker, Craig Trig, Mike Nadine, LeeAnn Peterson, Ursula Stykie – to name just a few. I got to quiz for the first time in my life, and it was heaps of fun, even if I did bomb out! When I finally caught on to quizzing, camp was over! I feel that I could really help FY (Friends Youth) if I (thru Christ) became president, but it all depends on if it is the Lord’s will. If elected, I’ll really have to keep in touch with Christ to make our group go. So long for now!


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This morning I worked an hour for Lilly Welburn.

Saturday, August 17, 1968

Journal: This morning I worked an hour for Lilly Welburn. I won’t work again for two weeks – after I get back from Aunt Lorraine’s. Well, Karen Cox came over for a couple of hours today, and we had a nice visit. She lent me Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. It’s a very interesting book. Sharon Rood once told me she didn’t think a girl should marry until she had read the book. I am now reading it to see if Sharon has a good reason for her statement and also because I have heard about the book. There is a rather old movie of the book with Clark Gable as Rhett Butler. Clark Gable is a real neat guy (of my mother’s generation), so I sure would like to see that movie! Karen Cox saw it with her class when she lived back east in Maryland. I got a letter from Sherri Davis, too. Well, I must finish my packing now, as I go to Patsy’s tomorrow. I will leave this journal home to be continued when I return – if I have time before Aunt Lorraine comes, that is. So long for now!


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Nothing real exciting has happened yet but there is some news to tell.

Friday, August 16, 1968

Journal: Nothing real exciting has happened yet, but there is some news to tell. Karen Cox just called me, and I guess the whole family is down from Myrtle Creek visiting at her grandparents. Dan Emry is there, too, so Karen will have a chance to get better acquainted, that is if Judy McIntire doesn’t mind. A wee bit of cattyness there as Judy is Dan’s girlfriend for whom I feel little sympathy. Judy & I are of two different worlds. Tonight the movie, A Shot in the Dark with Peter Sellers is on. It ought to be good as Peter Sellers plays a dumb, fumbling detective who somehow manages to catch his man.

I also packed for camp today – I’m going to a Nazarene church camp with Patsy Shearin. So long for now!


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I have tried to keep diaries a couple of times

Thursday, August 15, 1968

Journal: I have tried to keep diaries a couple of times, but the daily page soon lost me. The way I see it, a journal will be just as interesting to read without loss of pages – more thrifty you see! Now all I have to do is find a safe place to keep it, and I’m all set. Maybe this way I won’t talk off Mom’s ear so bad – start thinking for myself or something like that.

Well, so long for now!


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