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I was elected president of Friends Youth

Monday, September 30, 1968

Journal: I was elected president of Friends Youth, and tonight we had our first executive meeting. Cathy Kruger (program chair), Arlene Perisho (Vice-President), Steve Stribling and Roger Emry, too (Social Chairman). We did get our programs planned for until December and a few other side things came up. I hope that this year our Friends Youth will really go places with God’s help! Tomorrow in World History, I give my first class presentation and am rather looking forward to it! (That kind of surprises me!) Well, today was fun but not necessarily exciting. Must go, as it is past my bedtime! Goodnight,


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We had a Campus Life meeting at school this year

Wednesday, September 25, 1968

Journal: We had a Campus Life meeting at school this year. If we can only get this club going, it will bring Christ to the kids of Phoenix High. Nothing exciting in the way of boys has happened for some time – but I am happy in my school life. Tonight after prayer meeting, I got to talk to Judy Ogden, a new girl coming to our church. She is going to beauty college in Medford and is living with the Mossers here in Talent. Judy is very nice, seems to love life, and has a great vitality but is still more mature than other girls her age with some bounce. I hope I have not made a bad impression – but there I go again, thinking about myself, not how I appear to Christ or let Him work through me. I’ve got to stop thinking so much of how neat I am or something. After school tonight, Cathy Kruger and Denise Dawson came over to practice instrumentals for Sunday Night Singspiration. Cathy, Denise, and I will play a piano and clarinet trio! (Two clarinets, one piano) Cathy and I will also be playing a saxophone and piano duet. Well, it’s getting late, and I must go to bed. So long for now,


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So much has happened today!

Tuesday, September 3, 1968

Journal: So much has happened today! The beige dress that Mom gave me (I simply cannot wear beige!) I dyed a dark pink. It is kind of splotchy yet though, so I will have to dye it again. Mrs. Tingle (a new woman at our church) called up today and wanted me to babysit for her for four days, three hours a day. There is Pam (10), Richard (8), and Missy who is only 4. They are pretty good all in all. Tonight we had our very first youth Bible study with Pat Perisho as leader. There were only three here tonight – Cathy Kruger, Priscilla Perisho, and me. It was very interesting and helpful. I hope we can get more kids to come but also that we will just keep on one subject of study so as not to get distracted, or the Bible study will be useless. It must be all for God. Well, so long for now!


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