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Well, there are only 3 days 'til school starts

Thursday, September 5, 1968

Journal: Well, there are only three days ’til school starts – funny, it seems longer than that. Man, I had better get busy on that blue dress if I want a new one for the first day of school! I babysat for the Tingles again – the kids were pretty good today. Richard sure was trying hard to get in trouble though! Missy and Pam were okay. I babysat for the Tingles on Saturday, too, my last day when I get paid. It sure will be nice to have a little extra money to go school shopping with! Well, long for now.


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So much has happened today!

Tuesday, September 3, 1968

Journal: So much has happened today! The beige dress that Mom gave me (I simply cannot wear beige!) I dyed a dark pink. It is kind of splotchy yet though, so I will have to dye it again. Mrs. Tingle (a new woman at our church) called up today and wanted me to babysit for her for four days, three hours a day. There is Pam (10), Richard (8), and Missy who is only 4. They are pretty good all in all. Tonight we had our very first youth Bible study with Pat Perisho as leader. There were only three here tonight – Cathy Kruger, Priscilla Perisho, and me. It was very interesting and helpful. I hope we can get more kids to come but also that we will just keep on one subject of study so as not to get distracted, or the Bible study will be useless. It must be all for God. Well, so long for now!


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