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I only have time for a line or two.

Sunday, September 15, 1968

Journal: I only have time for a line or two. This last week has been really hectic what with school starting, having assignments all ready, and babysitting Friday night (also Saturday afternoon). The first week of school has really been fun, though! We got our last year’s annual Saturday night, so I guess I’ll have to take mine to school to have some kids sign it. Well, tomorrow is Monday, so I must go to bed now, but before I do, here are some highlights of last week: Allen Shearin in three classes, frosh initiation, compliment on looks from Bruce Kyle, babysitting Friday night until 4 a.m. Saturday morning, dinner at Frank and Merrylee Kruger’s Saturday night in honor of Sherrie’s 11th birthday, getting annual Saturday night, frosh-senior tug-of-war (seniors won – YEA!), Sunday church and evening services really neat, seeing Linda and Dave who came from Long Beach, California area (relatives in a way).

So long for now!


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Well! You'll never guess!

Sunday, September 1, 1968

Journal: Well! You’ll never guess! I talked to Pat Perisho after church today, and  she really got us going for our youth Bible study group. The first meeting will be this coming Tuesday at my house from 7 to 8 p.m. This is so exciting – we just might be on the start of something big with God’s help! This morning before Sunday school, I cleaned up my room so that it at least looks presentable! (Would you believe?) Becky Addington stopped by for a short time this afternoon. We had a pretty nice visit. Well, I will be babysitting for Frank and Merrylee Kruger most of tomorrow. With the money I get from that and also from Lily, I can get something for school. Well, so long for now!


Thursday, August 29, 1968

Journal: I registered in high school today. Man! I really have some swinging classes. Mr. Kannasto (oh no) will be teaching chorus, which I have 1st period. What a way to start a day! I have Mr. Davis 3rd period for Biology. He was okay as a 7th grade science teacher (although a little tough) I guess. I get late lunch again this year, which I really like. Mom and I also stopped at the Phoenix Drug Store to buy Aunt LaVaugn a birthday present. We got her some Friendship Garden cologne, which is really groovey. We are going to Grants Pass for a birthday dinner for Aunt LaVaugn and Frank (Krugers). It ought to be fun. Well, today I worked on my blue dress for a little while. Guess that’s all for now –


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