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Today was the first day of school

Monday, September 9, 1968

Journal: Today was the first day of school – really neat! I wore my 4-H green jumper and blouse with my baby doll shoes. Say, Allen Shearin is in two of my classes, and he is a senior! Real neat. There will be a revival this year as God is working in our student executive council. It will be such a great year! Tonight we had a small meeting for the banquet – I can feel Satan trying to destroy it, but God is bigger, so our banquet, through Christ, should be really great! Dan Emry is changing – starting to be led by the Holy Spirit. I must still pray for him and Judy that they might be better off because of it. Dan is my friend – I know that for sure now, but I don’t want Judy mad at me, so will have to be very careful. God is leading in such a wonderful way in so many things. I must be faithful to do my part (no matter how small!) Sometimes I get such a swelled head. I get sick of me along with others! God can help me! I know He is so very REAL! So long for now!


P.S. Got a real neat letter from Ursula Stienke today – real cute! So long!

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