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Today was the Talent Friends Church 25th anniversary.

Sunday, October 6, 1968

Journal: Today was the Talent Friends Church 25th anniversary. There were some real challenging thoughts given in the morning service by Supt. Jack Wilcuts and also in the evening service by Rev. Clark Smith. I keep praying that Jesus will work in our youth group, but at times it really does seem rather futile. I guess Satan gave me that idea. Brother! Well, yesterday was the 1st day of hunting season, and the 1st time I ever went hunting. All I saw though was 9 (does and fawns drat it!) deer. The only buck I saw was a dead one being taken out!

Friday night we played Illinois Valley, but I had to go to bed early and didn’t get to go to the game. This coming Friday night, we play Lakeview, (Homecoming) our toughest game as it will probably decide who gets the Rogue League title. I sure do hope we win! Above is an article on our game with Illinois Valley (around Butte Falls area). We really stomped them – 40 to 7! WOW! So long for now,


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