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Hi! Aunt Lorraine hasn't come yet

Monday, August 26, 1968

Journal: Hi! Aunt Lorraine hasn’t come yet, but she will probably be here tomorrow! God is really moving, and if our Friends Youth starts working together, we will really get somewhere. Becky Addington came over today, and we were able to resolve our differences that we might work together in making something of our youth group with God’s help. Art Perisho (one of our sponsors) came over this evening, and we also talked a little about this. It is almost time to act – the part I usually fail, but with God’s help, keeping in the center of His will and with constant prayer, maybe I can help in the action, too. It will only be as God works through me though. This last week of letting God work in my life has led me to see the moving of God in a small way. You know, I sure am glad I went to the Nazarene church camp because otherwise I might not have been able to get so close to Jesus, but that battle is just beginning – I must keep on praying! Well, so long for now!


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Hi! Long time no see! Went to the Nazarene church camp

Saturday, August 24, 1968

Journal: Hi! Long time no see! Went to the Nazarene church camp with Pat Shearin and really had a ball. There were lots of Christian kids there with which I enjoyed fellowship (and friendship). Everyone had such a unity of spiritual things. Something we don’t have in our church youth, but I hope we will be able to acquire it. Truly – with God, ALL things are possible. That is why I have to remember to live my life in constant prayer. Met some real neat kids there — Wayne Walker, Craig Trig, Mike Nadine, LeeAnn Peterson, Ursula Stykie – to name just a few. I got to quiz for the first time in my life, and it was heaps of fun, even if I did bomb out! When I finally caught on to quizzing, camp was over! I feel that I could really help FY (Friends Youth) if I (thru Christ) became president, but it all depends on if it is the Lord’s will. If elected, I’ll really have to keep in touch with Christ to make our group go. So long for now!


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Nothing real exciting has happened yet but there is some news to tell.

Friday, August 16, 1968

Journal: Nothing real exciting has happened yet, but there is some news to tell. Karen Cox just called me, and I guess the whole family is down from Myrtle Creek visiting at her grandparents. Dan Emry is there, too, so Karen will have a chance to get better acquainted, that is if Judy McIntire doesn’t mind. A wee bit of cattyness there as Judy is Dan’s girlfriend for whom I feel little sympathy. Judy & I are of two different worlds. Tonight the movie, A Shot in the Dark with Peter Sellers is on. It ought to be good as Peter Sellers plays a dumb, fumbling detective who somehow manages to catch his man.

I also packed for camp today – I’m going to a Nazarene church camp with Patsy Shearin. So long for now!


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